Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What message did Jesus come to bring us?

What were the main points of Jesus message?

1.Kindness seems to be the message that Jesus wanted to precede him, to disarm people so that they would not fear him.
2.Everything about Jesus spoke of simplicity, being born in a stable, living an unknown existence, showing nothing out of the ordinary except when some need called forth his extraordinary power to heal or to comfort.
3.He concerned himself with relationships, with his Father and with the people. Jesus said to love one another (John 15:9-17). Transformation comes about through relationship. God's actions came about due to a desire to be in relationship. God loves us and wants to be in relationship with us.
4. He also said that the kingdom of God is here! We are called to live in God's kingdom now. Why does Christ's teaching seem so confusing? It is confusing because his message was not merely aimed at conveying information. It sought to precipitate something more important: the spiritual transformation of the hearers.
5.Jesus' message was simple. You do not have to be a great scholar who has dedicated one’s life to religion with its traditions and practices or have an accurate understanding of religious teachings. You only have to be a person who cultivates love, compassion, and forgiveness towards others (Matthew 5:13-34).
Jesus cut through all the nonsense concocted through the centuries and touches the very core of what religion really is: our relationship with God. The person who is pleasing to God is focused on God and sensitive to all the pain and hurt that surrounds them. The accuracy in belief and disciplining human weakness are not important, but what is important is to love God and to care for others in need. These were teachings that were critical to Jesus. This was the Good News.
6.Jesus Loves People! He displayed a relaxed casualness that was disarming to people. People enjoyed being with Jesus. This is why he always attracted large crowds. He did not act piously or preach harshly to them. They were attracted to him because they sensed in him a joy and peacefulness that was unusual, and felt he really liked them. His own goodness was what ultimately inspired them to change their lives (John 14:6)
7.Jesus preached a detachment from material possessions (Luke 18:24-29). His attitude seemed to be that freedom from material possessions could be very liberating. It is important to maintain a detachment from whatever possessions we may have, and not allow ourselves to become so concerned with them that they become a serious distraction from our relationship with God. The promise of peace was a promise Jesus wanted to share with His followers (John 14:27).
8.Jesus showed little concern for the religious doctrines, customs, and rituals of the religious leaders. He did share his identity, and his relationships with the Father and the Holy Spirit, but this sharing of his inner life was the expression of his love. The doctrine of Jesus was in the relationships he was sharing (Matthew 15:29-38). He shared his unique understanding of God, and the relationship that God’s children should have with one another. Deepening of our intimacy with God and caring for one another was the religion of Jesus.
9.Jesus reveals to us a God who is wholly different from the vindictive and punishing God to which we were introduced in our youth (John 16:25-28). He was a God that Jesus knew intimately. Jesus expresses tenderness in his relationship with his Father. But most of all, Jesus prayed with expectation. He knew the Father heard his prayers and would respond.
10.Jesus did not focus his message on sin (John 8:1-11). He took people where they were at, not emphasizing their past mistakes. With Jesus, everyone had a new beginning. His approach was to teach love, love of God, and love of neighbor and everyone was a neighbor. It was a positive message about love and relationship.
11.Even though Jesus set up His Apostles as leaders to bring his message and healing to others, it did not mean that he was limiting himself to channel all of his love and healing only through those who were originally chosen (Mark 9:38-41). He let his Apostles know that he was free to choose whomever he wished to carry his message to others. He instructed the Apostles to just do their work, be humble about it, and do not judge the spiritual health of anyone other than themselves.

What message did Jesus bring for you? Think about it.

Peace and love,


"Then Jesus said to them all: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me". (Luke 9:23)

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