Monday, February 1, 2010

A new month begins

It is hard to believe that the month of January 2010 has ended. It seems that it was just yesterday that we were anticipating the joy of Christmas and the coming of Jesus. Our life passes so quickly and before you know it, life can pass you by without your even realizing that you have missed out on what is important.
We spend alot of time planning for the future. We accumulate things and try to save money so that we will be comfortable in our later years. However, before we realize it, those years are upon us and we have not fostered the one area in our life that is really important and that will satisfy our every need. We have not fostered our relationship with God. Perhaps we have not even thought about the fact that a relationship with God is important.
All the other things we accumulate are temporary. They can be taken away at a moment's notice. Just look at how the economy went south in 2008-2009. Some people lost all savings, homes, cars, and other items of accumulation. Our security is not in what we can save and accumulate on earth, but in our relationship with the God who loves us. We can never lose that. God is always there and will not abandon us in times of trouble. When all else fails, God will still be there with us.
Even if the economy had not failed, we can save all our lives for our retirementand die before we have a chance to enjoy the fruits of our labor. If we put our efforts and trust in God, we will always enjoy the fruits of that labor. True, it is good to plan for the future, but not to be held captive to that future. We should not become slaves to what we possess.
Our hearts and minds should be atuned to our love of God and others and in that we will find true happiness and security. Things are temporary, God is permanent. I sometimes look at the wealthy of our society to see if they are really happy with all they possess. They must protect and guard all of their wealth so others will not take it away. Even with all they have, they still do not seem happy. Some drink, take drugs, or indulge in unhealthy or unsavory activities.
Those who have found the love of God, however, seem to be happy and at peace, even though in earthly wealth, they may have very little or nothing. Their lives are spent helping and loving others.
So, as this year speeds by, thing about what makes you happy. Do all you possess of worldly goods satisfy your needs. Are you looking forward to finally having enough earthly wealth and realizing that there is never enough. Do you treasure the earthly relationships in your life, as well as your relationship with God? Do you work to preserve those relationships.
February 1st seem for me to be a great time to ask myself those questions. I ask myself what I want to accomplish this month. I ask myself what is important to me as I start the new month. What do I want to pursue this month. It is the accumulation of wealth, or the accumulation of love?
The reading for this past Sunday was from Paul's first letter to the Corinthians. In this letter he talks about love. The importance of love, the attributes of love, the greatness of love.
Therefore, as the new month begins, take a look at what Paul says about love. Then think about what is important to you. What do you want? What makes you happy? What is satisfying about your life? Each new day, new month, new year, gives us new beginnings. How do you want to begin this new month? Is God in the plan for your new beginning? How about your relationships with others? Something to think about.

Peace and love to you always,


"Be still and know that I am God"(Psalm 46:10)

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