Monday, August 10, 2009

God is always with you

Every day is a gift from God. We can spend the day disliking what we do. We can spend the day being angry and hurt, sad and alone. We can do that if that is what we want to do. Instead, I prefer to spend the day looking at all the good that has occurred in my life. I lost my job last October, but I did not lose my husband, children or grandchildren. I lost my job, but I did not lose the love God has for me. I lost my job, but I am still alive and able to find something else to work at. I lost my job, but I did not lose heart, because I knew that God was with me. I lost my job, but did not lose what was really important to me, my faith. There is always a plan that God has for us, but sometimes a door has to close for another door to open.

Each of us needs to fully grasp and understand just how much God loves us. We need to see how He is intimately concerned about every single detail of our lives. Reading that God loves us in His Word and understanding that He died for our sins, can still be merely intellectual pursuits. However, receiving His Spirit and experiencing His Life in and through us, is something we can never deny as being ultimate, personal love (Girzone 1998). However, the way in which to feel that ultimate personal love is not readily apparent to us.
Unfortunately, our culture encourages the need to be constantly in motion. We have the need to be productive and fill all our time with something. We become nervous when we encounter empty space, when there is a gap in a conversation, when we do not know what to say, when we are sitting in a waiting room and there are no magazines on the table to read. For most people, just doing nothing is unthinkable.
It can be difficult to encounter God while the focus of our lives is on the importance of earthly power and possessions. We cannot notice God working in our lives when we do not take the time to stop and notice anything. We do not know how to step out of the world of progress. We are moving so fast through our lives that we take no time to notice what is happening around us when the noticing is not necessary to fulfill our goal. In essence, we are programmed not to accept who we are, but we are driven to judge ourselves and others by earthly success, productivity, and accumulation of things. Consequently, we have no real appreciation for ourselves or the others we encounter. We are trapped in a jail of our own creation.
Move out of your own jail and find out what it is God wants you to do. You may already be doing it, or you may need to leave something in order to do it. Do not be sorrowful. God is with you.


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