Saturday, February 6, 2010

God loves us even though we sin!

I was reading a book on forgiveness. The book emphasized that we must be given the grace to be sorry for our sins. Even though I do agree with that, I find that some people are far too easily sorry for every little imperfection. Yes, we need to feel sorry for our sins, but we also need to feel confident that God loves us even though we sin. God's love is unconditional. It is important in life to feel accepted and many people go through life feeling very unacceptable. They do not feel confident that they are loved even by God. This is why I think that God's love message, that was brought to us by Jesus, needs to be emphasized. We are love by God, first. What does that mean? I will say it again. God loves us first. That does not say that God will accept us if we love him. God loves us first. For some of us, that is a very significant statement, especially if we feel that we must do something in order to be loved. God loves us first. What a tremendous gift.
I think that we must also realize that we must be filled with love, before we can give love to others. God does not expect us to give love without having already experienced love. That is why we must trust in God's love. God loves us first. God loves us as we are. We can find acceptance in the eyes of God.
God's love should be something that sustains us and gives us strength. We cannot fill others with love if we do not feel loved ourselves. Take hope in God's love to transform us into what we want to become. We can only succeed in our lives with God's help. Keep in mind that God's help is God's love. When we can open ourselves and accept God's love, we will find the strength to love and to help others.
God loves us first. God loves us as we are. Don't forget that.

Peace and love,


"Be still and know that I am God"(Psalm 46:10)

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