Thursday, August 20, 2009

What is Christian Spirituality?

Christian spirituality describes the whole of the Christian's life. Christian spirituality is an orientation to self-transcending knowledge, freedom, and love. It will illuminate our ultimate values and highest ideals perceived and pursued in the mystery of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit in the Church and practiced in the community of disciples. That is to say, spirituality is concerned with everything that constitutes the Christian experience. It is concerned specifically with the perception and pursuit of the highest ideal or goal of Christian life, which is an ever more intense union with God disclosed in Christ through life in the Spirit.
Christianity Spirituality is the quest for a fulfilled and authentic life. It involves taking the beliefs and values of Christianity and weaving them into the fabric of our lives, so that they animate, provide the breath and spirit and fire for our lives. Christian spirituality is the desire to live our lives following the example of Jesus Christ. We are to live a life constituting selfless love, compassion, and forgiveness. Christian spirituality is expressed in the community of the faithful because to be truly Christian requires a relationship with God and with others in God’s family.
Christian spirituality is the way to internalize the message of Christ, so that we live it out in our own journey. Experience has taught us that in this life there is no absolute security or lasting peace. It is important to remember that our security can only be found in trusting Christ with all we have and all that we are, being certain that He will never fail us. It is our participation in the life of God and the model for the way in which each of us listens for His Word.
Through Christian spirituality, we come to know that we are lovable persons and that God loves us at this moment and accepts us as we are. We discover that Christ is not just a historical figure, but also one who lives with us continually. We learn to let go of whatever prevents us from entering into a life of perfect freedom in Christ.


"Be still and know that I am God"(Psalm 46:10)


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