Friday, May 7, 2010

Why do you worry? Why are you afraid?

Jesus asks us two questions: “Why do you worry? . . . Why are you afraid?” (Lk. 12:26 ; Mk. 8:26a)
The answer to the first question of Jesus seems almost trite — “Why do you
worry?” We want to say, “Do you KNOW what’s going on here?!!!” Yet in our hearts we know the truth that Jesus is trying to teach: for all our worry, we can’t add one minute to our lifespan — in fact modern medicine tells us just the opposite: our worry in fact may actually take years of our lifespan. But how do we cope with the temptation to worry? The answer to coping with worry is the answer to Jesus' second question:
We look at Jesus’ second question here: “Why are you afraid?” and we recognize truth: We worry because we’re afraid! We don’t have to be afraid, because Jesus is with us! If Jesus is in our boat, we can survive any storm. That too seems trite, but we can deepen our faith in Jesus’ saving presence by practicing that faith – turning over our worries to Jesus because we believe that he cares, and he can direct everything for our good. We can actually work on deepening our faith in the presence of Jesus with us, even if he’s asleep in the boat.
 Jesus keeps asking us: “Why do you worry? Why are you afraid?” because he wants two-way communication with us.
 Our worries are like cell phones we carry around but never use. I challenge you today: Every time you start worrying, “turn it over” and make the call to Jesus!
 Every time you start stressing over a hectic schedule, a wedding coming up in the family, an obligation you can’t meet, a sense of failure or inadequacy, “turn it over” and make the call to Jesus, who keeps asking: Why do you worry? Why are you afraid?
 As we learn to do this, with all the big and little worries that fill our days, we’ll be building communication towers that can link Sunday to Sunday, pulling Sunday faith into Monday worries and Tuesday fears, pulling worship into daily life.
c. We can also develop and deepen our love for Jesus, for as the First
Letter of John reminds us, “Perfect love casts out fear.” The more our love for God grows, the easier it will be to entrust whatever worries us to God. Reading Scripture — even for five minutes a day — can help here. Try spending a month with Isaiah 43 or John 15, or some of the gospel passages. I can almost guarantee that your love for and trust in God and Jesus will deepen.

Peace and love,


"Be still and know that I am God"(Psalm 46:10)

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